Doing Diversity Right

Let’s talk about one of my absolute favorite shows: BoJack Horse­man. If you haven’t watched it pull it up on Net­flix and watch it. All of it. Seri­ous­ly, this post is going to be filled with spoil­ers. I’ll wait.

I bring up BoJack Horse­man because it’s one of the shin­ing exam­ples when it comes to diver­si­ty. Now that you’ve watched all thir­ty-six episodes, you’re aware that the show has a diverse cast of char­ac­ters. Some of the main char­ac­ters are ani­mals (Todd and Diane being the only main char­ac­ters who aren’t ani­mals) but we also have gay char­ac­ters (Karen and Tanisha’s wed­ding in sea­son 3), Viet­namese (Diane), black (Cor­duroy), and even an asex­u­al (Todd).

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